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Camp Sherman Days (July 1-9)




A World War-I Event Being Celebrated In Chillicothe, Ohio July 1-9, 2017

Camp Sherman was named after Ohio native and Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman. The city of Chillicothe is proud to be hosting this special event which commemorates and honors the sacrifices and contributions of the military men and civilian men and women who served 100 years ago. They helped save and change the world.

Camp Sherman was a major military training base made up of four areas: (1) the main base was located on the north side of Chillicothe; (2) the rifle range at the foot of Mt. Logan; (3) the maneuver grounds west of the main base; and (4) the artillery range was located south of Chillicothe on what is now known as Scioto Trails State Park.

Beginning in late September, 1917, the 83rd Infantry Division under the command of Major General Edwin F. Glenn became the first unit to train at Camp Sherman. The first 40,000 draftees were taught combat skills by American, British, and French officers.


Training included rifle, machine gun, mortar, and artillery weapons. In addition, Camp Sherman boasted one of the top Engineer units who built the longest military suspension bridge attempted across the Scioto River. The 83rd Infantry Division was shipped to Europe in June of 1918.

During “Camp Sherman Days”, a special military exhibit at the modern Camp Sherman Joint Training Center just off the Marietta Pike on Narrows Rd. will compare the World War One soldier and his equipment with today’s modern high tech soldier.

Guided driving tours will take visitors around the main base property so that they can appreciate the size and scope of Camp Sherman and the location of prominent buildings and training areas.

This tour will also include a visit to the original Camp Sherman Library building. This library became the standard for all military libraries on all military basses at that time.

Library Interior 2

Visitors who take advantage of these tours will see the site of the 2,000 bed hospital that provided the latest in medical care and the electric generating plant that provided power to this “City of Soldiers” (Reservations for these tours are requested. See website.)


SOLDIERS WALKING barracks in background 1 


A Vaudeville Show (Reserve your tickets on the website)

WWI Movie at the Majestic: “Sergeant York”

WWI Antique Show

4th of July Parade and Fireworks

WW-I Era Biplane Aircraft

Veterans Appreciation Day / Night at V.A. Hospital

A walking Tour of Chillicothe Camp Sherman Sites

A display at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

An exhibit at Pump House Center for the Arts

Two rooms of Camp Sherman & WW-I Artifacts - Ross County Historical Society

Chillicothe-Ross Co. Public Library

“Burton Stevenson” Exhibit

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