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Cane Hill

Battle Name: Cane Hill
Other Names: Location: Washington County
State: Arkansas
Location: Campaign: Prairie Grove Campaign (1862)
Campaign: Date(s): November 28, 1862
Dates: Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. James G. Blunt [US]; Brig. Gen. John S. Marmaduke [CS]
Principal Commanders: Forces Engaged: Department of Missouri [US]; two cavalry brigades [CS]
Forces Engaged: Estimated Casualties: 475 total (US 40; CS 435)
Estimated Casualties: Description: In late November, Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman detached Brig. Gen. John Marmaduke’s cavalry from Van Buren north to occupy the Cane Hill area. Hearing of this movement, Brig. Gen. James Blunt advanced to meet Marmaduke’s command and destr
Description: Result(s): Confederate tactical victory
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