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Buffington Island

Battle Name: Buffington Island
Other Names: St. Georges Creek
State: Ohio
Location: Meigs County
Campaign: Morgan’s Raid in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio (July 1863)
Dates: July 19, 1863
Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. Edward H. Hobson [US]; Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan [CS]
Forces Engaged: Brigades: 4,700 total (US 3,000; CS 1,700)
Estimated Casualties: 925 total (US 25; CS 900)
Description: On July 13, Morgan’s raiders crossed into Ohio at Harrison, pursued by several columns of Union cavalry under overall direction of Brig. Gen. Edward H. Hobson. On July 19, Kautz’s and Judah’s brigades attacked Morgan near Buffington Island. During the night, Morgan and about 400 men escaped encirclement by following a narrow woods path. The rest of his force surrendered.
Results: Union victory

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