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93 Series I Volume XI-II Serial 13 - Peninsular Campaign Part II


On going to the right I received a message from General McCall that he was wounded and hard pressed on his right. By authority of General Sumner I immediately forwarded the Thirty-fourth New York, Colonel Suiter, to the left of General Berry, at this request, and advanced our right, then in reserve, to relieve McCall, but before reaching him three staff officers came back, and informed me that the enemy had been taken in flank on the right and was in a fair way of being captured. I halted our line, as its as growing late and I was fearful of firing upon friends coming from the right flank. Again Sedgwick's division was victorious. About 11 o'clock orders were given to fall back on Malverton, which was quietly done.

At Malverton my brigade was exposed to a heavy enfilading fire of shells, in which 2 were killed. I refer to the reports of regimental commanders for individual good conduct. Colonel Baxter, Colonel Owen, Colonel Morehead, and Lieutenant-Colonel Jones fulfilled my utmost expectations. I repeat my assertion at Fair Oaks - I am satisfied with the conduct of my brigade. None will gainsay it.

My staff (Captain Hicks, assistant adjutant-general; Lieutenant Blakeny, wounded, and Lieutenant Griffiths) were indefatigable. Surgeon Lidell made an army fame.

My brigade lost Captain McGongile and 99 privates killed; Captain Mallery, Lieutenant Kenny, Captain Johnson, Seventy-first Pennsylvania Volunteers; Lieutenant Shewell, Seventy-second Pennsylvania, and 148 privates wounded.*

Respectfully submitted.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

No. 31. Report of Brigadier General Napoleon J. T. Dana,

U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade, of engagement at Peach Orchard, or Allen's Farm, battle of Savage Station, engagement at White Oak Swamp Bridge, and battles of Glendale, or Nelson's Farm (Frazier's Farm), and Malvern Hill.

HDQRS.3rd BRIGADE, 2nd DIVISION, 2nd CORPS D'ARMEE, July 5, 1862.

I have the honor to make the following report the operations of the brigade under my command and of other regiments at different times assigned to my command:

My brigade occupied the intrenchments in the advanced position at Fair Oaks on the left of the Second Corps. About 11 o'clock at night of the 28th instant I received an order from the brigadier-general commanding corps to have all tents struck, knapsacks packed, and regiments ready to march at a moment's warning. About dawn of day 29th I received an order to repitch the tents, and about half an hour afterward I received an order to march immediately to Allen's Farm, on the railroad next below Orchard Station. I then reported my brigade to the brigadier-general commanding division, and formed line of battle on the edge of the woods on the lower side of the farm, and at the same


*But see revised statement,p.25.