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104 Series I Volume XI-II Serial 13 - Peninsular Campaign Part II


proper moment. Captain McKeever's duties since the first day of the battle of Fair Oaks have been exceedingly ardors, and have been performed with great judgment and untiring energy, assisted by Captain Moses, assistant adjutant-general. Lieutenant Hunt I have mentioned in my previous report. Lieutenant Henry Norton, one of my aides, particularly distinguished himself at Malvern Hill by communicating with General Couch at the extreme front during the hottest part of the engagement and previously, showing much personal gallantry.

I beg leave especially to call the attention of the commanding general to the loss in battle of General Hooker's division since the 1st of June, 847 men, and since the opening of the campaign, 2,589. As they have uniformly slept on the field of battle, no other evidence can be required of their gallantry and that of their distinguished commander.

Respectfully submitted.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

General S. WILLIAMS, A. A. G, Hdqrs. Army of the Potomac.

Numbers 33. Report of Captain Gustavus A. De Russy,

Chief of Artillery, of the engagement at Oak Grove, or King's School-House.

CAMP NEAR FAIR OAKS, VA., June 25, 1862.

CAPTAIN: About 1 o'clock on the afternoon of the 25th June a staff officer of the army brought me an order from General Heintzelman, commanding Third Corps, requiring that a section of artillery should be taken to the front to report to Brigadier-General Hooker, at that time immediately in front of the enemy and occupying the most advanced position. I ordered a section of Battery K, Fourth Artillery, to march at once, and by putting 10 horses to a piece succeeded in getting up the guns without difficulty. Ammunition was supplied them by sending the limbers to and from.

When I reported to General Hooker I was directed by him to station the section in front,at a turn in the road where both the approaches to our position and the enemy's camp could be commanded. Lieutenant Henderson, of Taft's battery, temporarily attached to Battery K and commanding the section, opened with canister shot and spherical case, according to the range and the work to be accomplished. His guns were served with accuracy and judgment, and the effect was to drive the enemy entirely beyond their reach.

About 3 o'clock the enemy succeeded in bringing up on his side four rifled guns, which he halted beyond the range of Lieutenant Henderson's 12-pounders, and with which he opened fire. General Hooker directed Lieutenant Henderson to continue his fire until the ammunition at that time up should be expended. This having been done, the section was withdrawn.

There were expended during the firing 20 round shot, 17 shells, 51 spherical case, and 20 canister.

I am, captain, very respectfully,your obedient servant,


Captain, Fourth Artillery, Chief of Artillery, Third Corps


Headquarters Hooker's Division.