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129 Series I Volume XI-II Serial 13 - Peninsular Campaign Part II


and at night the brigade encamped in the vicinity of White Oak Swamp.

On Monday, June 30, we took up our position in front of Charles City Court-House, covering the road and the left of the army in connection with the other regiments of our brigade. At this post we were engaged in hot contest with the enemy from 2 o'clock p.m. till after sunset, but maintained throughout the afternoon the position assigned to us from the first. During a sortie of the enemy in force upon the road the right wing of my regiment suffered considerably but they were successful in preventing the enemy from accomplishing his purpose,which was to break the left wing of our army and thus cut of the retreat of the army to the James River. At this point of defense Colonel P. T. Wyman was killed by a ball in the heart while encouraging his men to defend at all hazards this all-important point.

Adjutant and First Lieutenant Waldo Merriam is worthy of mention for his courage at this trying moment. He was badly wounded in the throat. Lieutenant-Colonel Meacham was slightly wounded in the left arm at the same time. The horses of both the colonel and adjutant were shot under them.

Company H, Captain Gardner Banks, was posted immediately upon this road, and the entire company performed their duty with credit to themselves and their regiment. Company C, Captain King, at a house and fence in advance of our line, were exposed to an uninterrupted fire of shell and ball throughout the greater part of the engagement. When ordered to rally on the regiment their coolness and good conduct called forth the attention and congratulations of Colonel Wyman. When the attack was made on the road above alluded to the left companies of my regiment were enabled to play a flank fire through the ravine on the left, which in my opinion in no little served to check the enemy. I annex herewith a list of the names of those reported by their captains as worthy of special mention, and also the killed, wounded, and missing.*

On Tuesday, July 1, we reached the heights above James River, and were posted during the engagement of that day upon the left rear flank on the edge of the woods, but with the exception of the shelling were not engaged throughout the day.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding Regiment.

Captain HIBBERT, A. D. C.,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Headquarters in the Field.

Numbers 45. Reports of Colonel Gilman Marston,

Second New Hampshire Infantry, of the engagement at Oak Grove, or King's School-House, and battle of Glendale, or Nelson's Farm (Frazier's Farm)

Camp near Fair Oaks, Va., June 1862

In compliance with orders from the brigadier-general commanding the brigade I marched my regiment at 7 o'clock on the morning of the


*Embodied in revised statement, p. 26.